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Watches With A Cause

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Within this issue you’ll find the Maurice Lacroix Aikon made from #Tide plastics. This material has been recovered and upcycled for use as a watch case material – among other things including fabric, rope and more. Truly a laudable ideal, recovering, reusing and recycling / upcycling is the wave (pun intended) of the future. More companies at-large, and a host of watch brands in-particular are recognizing the value of conservation and recycling. Whether this is an earnest effort by leadership concerned with the state and fate of the planet, or the more mercenary motivation of a marketing mantra is actually a moot point. Doing good is worth it, whether it comes from the heart – or feeds the bottom line. 

Oris helps rebuild ocean reefs and invests in clean water initiatives, Ulysse Nardin supports the amazing work of Chris Fischer and the Ocearch research team gathering (and notably sharing) data on ocean going apex predators as well as sea turtles, Blancpain’s Ocean Commitment comes to life around the world in partnership with various scientific and oceanic entities to study and preserve various aquatic ecosystems. Other brands like IWC are vying for carbon neutrality in manufacturing, while others like Mondaine are using unusual sources to develop their own sustainable sources for environmentally friendly materials for cases and straps. 

From my perspective as an avid outdoorsman and current resident of the planet, I appreciate these efforts and will continue to promote these relationships in our coverage and encourage more brands to engage as they are able to in conservation, philanthropy, and other altruistic endeavors. 

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Gary George Girdvainis