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Flipping Out

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Welcome to the new format for isochron Media’s watch publications. Having published iW since 1990 and AboutTime since 2012, It’s now time to bring these two disparate publications together under the Isochron Media umbrella as a singular print publication. 

Due in no small part to the massive migration of advertising and marketing partners towards digital platforms, this change will allow Isochron Media to continue to offer a print publication while we also embrace and enhance our own digital footprint. 

Based on the amount of emails and calls we’ve received lately, there is no doubt that a strong contingent of readers still welcomes a printed publication – even if a majority of watch brands have abandoned the platform as advertising and marketing partners.  Of-course these same brands that eschew print ads are well-pleased to receive our editorial approbation in the magazine, they just don’t want to support it with any type of marketing partnership. At some point they may realize that our magazines find and average of more than 5 readers per issue, with an impact that can last for months – or even years. In any case I’ve determined to continue including some nominal coverage on these brands as a service to our readership, but every time one of the “leaders” at a brand proclaims that they are not interested in supporting print, the majority of coverage they will receive from Isochron Media will be relegated to the ephemeral electrons of our web, social, and newsletter platforms. 

So, it is in the face of the paradigm shift at-hand that I’ve decided to fight back and keep publishing a print magazine, even though I am swimming against the tides of change. Tilting at windmills? Maybe. But based on the feedback I get from our readership I know the brands that ignore the legitimacy and power of print are missing out on an important vehicle to get their own messages out to their target audience. 

Our new double cover magazine may not appeal to everyone, but I encourage high-end collectors to expand their horizons and peruse the affordable offerings from the growing corps of domestic and international micro brands, as well as the latest and greatest from the historic houses. Likewise, I’m sure that watch enthusiasts that find the five and six figure prices of the higher end watches out of their reach can still appreciate those horological masterpieces as works of art, if not a timepiece that will land on their own wrist. 

It’s AboutTime – To flip the script!